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Fuel injector systems versus Carburetors

All of us have a high fascination for cars and two-wheelers. Most people dream of having BMW’s, Mercedes, Porsche’s, Lamborghini’s, Harley Davidson’s or some fancy ones. But how many of you know about the systems on which these vehicles move. Running of engine, fuel supply systems are keys to any vehicle, making their movement quite smooth. Every person, who intends to buy two-wheelers or four wheelers, must possess ample knowledge about fuel system of the engine because fuel supply is like blood circulation in the body that enables the engine to run. As you all know, the cars, motorcycles belong to the internal combustion engine (I.C engine).

There are primarily two types of I.C engines, one of which is petrol engine which is a spark ignition/SI engine and the other one is diesel engine which is a compression/C.I engine. In S.I engine, the air-fuel mixture is ignited by means of electric sparks from spark plug & then only, combustion of fuel takes place & power is produced. On the other hand, in C.I engine, fuel is injected into the hot compressed air in the combustion chamber.

In SI engines, air-fuel mixture is prepared outside engine cylinder. Carburetor supplies the homogeneous and a combustible mixture in desired quality and quantity for smooth engine operations at all loads & speeds. Carburetor works in three stages i.e. idling, a rich mixture phase, cruising, a lean mixture phase & high power. The solex carburetor, used in FIAT cars is famous for ease of starting, good reliability, whereas a carter carburetor is used in GM vehicles. C.I engines do not use carburetors; instead they use a fuel injection system that injects fuel in the high temperature of compressed air. The common rail direct injection (CRDI), bosch injection, Multi point fuel injection (MPFI) are some of its types, MPFI being the most common one. It has two types - throttle body type where single injector is present at center of inlet manifold which sprays fuel & other is port type where there are multiple injectors at inlet port of each cylinder.

Injection system and carburetor both plays pivotal roles in fuel supply in respective engines. Inadequate or poor quality fuel supply means improper combustion, resulting in less power production, which hampers the running of the engine. So, it is strongly recommended that checking of the fuel supply system before buying any type of vehicles is a must.

The benefits of a circular saw

The mighty circular saw is one of the many power tools that you should have in your home. Whether you’re an avid construction worker or you are a hobbyist, this is one of the many handheld saws that you should not be without. This is especially true if you’re working with wood and framing different projects. A good saw will have a great deal of power and will allow you to get straight cuts across many different solutions. There are several benefits to having one of these in your home, but it’s all about how you use it and what you need it for.

Cutting When It Matters

A good circular saw will have a powerful motor that will drive a blade straight through anything you need it to go through. It will cut clean and do so with nearly any type of element that you need to saw through. Whether it is wood or metal it can really cause a great deal of movement and cut through hard levelling with relative ease. The power is usually given to corded options. Cordless models don’t have the same kind of torque, and the batteries get drained fast. Even though there are some positive movements in the cordless direction, if you want serious torque and power you are going to need to look into corded options to cut through dense or even wet wood.

Easy Maneuverability

If you’re working on a project and you need to make cuts on the fly, you will not be able to use a table saw or even a powered oscillating saw. If you’re not making curved cuts or anything drastic, then you will find that a good circular solution will prove beneficial completely. The key here is the maneuverability of everything. As you are moving forward you will be able to get the saw in place and cut lines that are not only straight, but with ease. Not only that, the design is compact (sidewinder) and can offer professional, quiet, moveable cuts on the fly. You’ll find that you can definitely get precise pieces on the job.

Efficient Power Transfer

Perhaps the best thing about a circular saw is that you will find that the output works with framing doors, and other carpentry work. Whether you’re putting up a set of cabinets or you’re working on different pieces to a home, the power transfer of your saw to the cutting is efficient and unique to the circular solution. Imagine a table saw option in your hands with your guidance. Obviously there is some room for error and you may find that you can get into the danger zone here, but with good attention to details and proper use, this will be a valuable addition to your garage.

Buying this type of saw may set you back a couple of hundred dollars in the low end. If you want a powerful option that is corded, expect to pay upwards of $500, and get different blades to cut through different raw materials. If you are working with wood, this becomes a mandatory tool for framing and carpentry, that’s for sure.